Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Meeting Simon & Martina at the First Eat Your Kimchi Pop-Up Store Event

So Eat Your Kimchi is a Korean Pop, Food, and Life/Culture blog/vlog made by a fantastic Canadian couple who came to South Korea around five years ago (as of 2013) to teach with GEPIK.  They began blogging/vlogging to show their families what they were up to and now they're famous around the world for their exploration of life in Korea.  I recommend checking out their website and watching a few videos (be warned: some most probably all of them are weird).

The first pop-up store event started at 3 PM, but I arrived and found their store by 1:30 PM.  Since it's the middle of winter and I needed to charge my phone, I stopped into Holly's Coffee (yes, I'm obsessed) and waited around.  By the time I came out, a line had begun forming (drat!).

We waited in line for some time and enjoyed the signs...


The best part was that I was Skype texting with Amanda and she got to experience the excitement of waiting in line with me as I sent her pictures... all the way from the other side of the world.

And then we made it inside.  I got to pet the infamous Spudgy!

 Excuse the poor picture quality please!

And then... I Skyped Amanda in to meet Simon & Martina!  It was the best I could do short of bringing her to South Korea and I'm really happy that I was able to do it.  They couldn't hear her, but she could hear them perfectly and she has a screenshot to prove it actually happened.  I think making Amanda happy by doing this was way better than meeting Simon & Martina (no offense).


After my dork-tastic meeting, which was really quick and more about giving Amanda the chance to meet them, I finally went to Taco Bell at 4:30 PM.  It was my first bit of solid food since 7 PM the night before.  The group of girls behind me in the EYK line were actually late because they went to Taco Bell.  They drew me an elaborate map of it's location which involved several turns, but in reality it was literally straight down the street, a few hundred feet.  I wish I had some way of letting them know the simpler alternative to their directions... especially because the initial set went something like, "Go left, walk through a sketchy side street, then straight through the sketchy park, then turn right at the food vendors, you'll see a main street, then turn left."  The main street was the street the EYK studio was on. Well, I had a mini-tour of a back street in Hongdae.

At the actual Taco Bell, I had a Crunchwrap Supreme, nachos, and a Mountain Dew (Amanda-style T-Bell meal!) while I listened to "The Bad Touch" by Bloodhound Gang on the restaurant radio (Amanda loves Bloodhound Gang!).  And I texted all of that to Amanda because it felt like Amanda-ception.

These aren't as funny when
you can't read them.
P.S. - I visited EYK the same day after I went to the Owl Museum, but this post was written first.

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