Tuesday, December 17, 2013

House Hunters: The Korean Apartment Edition

Since it's practically Christmas, here's a few shots of what I've been living in.

In short, my apartment has a bedroom, a kitchen/living room/dining room area, a study, a bathroom, a balcony, an extra room that currently just contains an ironing board, and a little foyer/hallway area at the entrance.

It's really difficult to take pictures of and currently it's all messy because I'm packing things, but here's some shots of how I decorated the walls:

Above the bed, Bon Voyage cards from friends/family.
Required Spartan flag and Bible verses opposite my bed.
The wall above my loveseat couch in my living room. 
The door on the right leads into the bedroom. Cranes on
the ceiling of course.
The wall across from my loveseat. The box in
the corner is the AC (which I never used).
The foyer with mostly empty cabinets on
the right.  To the left of this picture is the door to
the study (has a desk) and on the right is the extra room.
You've already seen the bathroom in a previous post and the kitchen comes out poorly in pictures so I haven't included it (though that may honestly be the part most people would want to see).

My house came with tons of stuff: a vacuum, mop, blankets, dish towels, spices that I've never even heard of before, all sorts of kitchen utensils, etc.  I actually had very few things that I needed to buy: dish soap, toilet paper, body soap, laundry soap, a new pot, two small frying pans, and some large stirring spoons.  Those were all pretty cheap through Daiso.  Food was obviously purchased.  The toaster oven left behind was entirely broken and the school was nice enough to spend some money out of its furnishing fund to purchase a new one.

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