Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Seoul Lantern Festival

After wandering around Seoul after my GRE, Jeanie and I grabbed dinner at an Italian place (honey gorgonzola pizza, spicy chicken pasta, and not-sugar-coated garlic bread), acquired some Mint Choco coffees from Ediya (delicious!), and then proceeded to wait in the twisting line for the Seoul Lantern Festival for... 30 minutes?  40 minutes?  As it was the last day, the event was teeming with people so we got to enjoy being sardines (I feel this is typical in Seoul given my subway ride earlier).

The lanterns were in the river.  The coolest thing about this festival is that the lanterns represent important pieces of Korean history and culture, and aren't (all) just pretty things (there were plaques with explanations).  Feel free to enjoy the pretty:

This one brought a little smile to his face.

These were pretty awesome.  All the fish.

A bunch of lanterns representing various fairy tales/myths.

Cutest lantern there.  So many couples were taking
pictures with it in the background.
"It's more fun in the Philippines."

Crown decoration.
Shoes.  (I hope you said that with the right tone.)

There was a table underneath one of the bridges with tons of glowing and flashing things.  There were these little mushrooms that cycled through colors and they were very cute, but alas none of them had symmetrical faces.  I would have been forever agitated.

So I bought a large, flashing bow headband for myself instead.  Important life decisions.

The court.  This was at the beginning of the festival and was probably one of my favorites.

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