Saturday, October 5, 2013

Update Pending - I've Been Busy!

WOW!  It's been a while since I last posted.  I've been procrastinating a little on writing for several reasons:

1) I've done too many things recently and it will take forever to write!  In the past week and this upcoming week I have/I will: go to a K-Pop concert, go to the Coffee Festival, go on a hiking trip with my school, go to a co-teaching seminar, travel to Seoul and go on two different day-long tours, and also spend the night at the jimjilbang (Korean bath house) for the first time.  I really need to hit the bank and buy bus tickets for traveling.  I think I'm also going out with some of my Korean teacher friends to see a movie on Tuesday...

2) I'm a lazy slacker who doesn't want to transfer all the pictures from my phone to my computer (you won't get the whole experience if I don't).

3) Surprise!  I'm studying for the GRE and looking at grad school.  My past few days have been consumed with writing and responding to e-mails, researching schools, thinking about writing, trying to write, actually doing some writing, scheduling Skype interviews with faculty, beginning applications, and studying for the GRE.

4) Amid all of the above, I am attempting to exercise, try new cooking dishes, clean, read, shop, plan lessons, do devotions, and try not to let the homesickness get me down (being busy both helps and provides an endless source of frustration).

So, I have lots of cool pictures for you guys.  Wednesday is Hangul Day, celebrating the creation of Korea's  writing system by King Sejong, so if I'm lucky I'll have time to get some shots from the past week up.

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