Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Mini-Adventure

After spending the morning chatting with my roommate and puttering around home, I ventured out into the real world again.

As it is the weekend before Chuseok, downtown Gangneung was packed with people buying cookies and meats and vegetables for the upcoming holiday.  I hit up the little street bakery by the traditional market first to get two doughnut twists and three little pastries with this sweet green paste on the inside.  Then I ventured into Home Plus to grab a few things, namely some butter and a chocolate brownie mix to make cookies and cakes for the people at my school.

After that I dropped off my groceries at home and took a nice long walk in hopes of eventually hitting the Sukbong Hot Dog and Toast stand near my school.  The walk was absolutely gorgeous: little manicured shrubs on the sidewalk, pine trees on mountainsides, bright yellow flowers, and rows upon rows of pepper plants, onions, lettuce, cabbage, etc., etc.  All accompanied by the sounds of crickets and a fresh breeze.

At the Sukbong stand I got a Sukbong Toast which was a ham, egg, cheese, pickle, and sprout grilled sandwich with a little mustard and another dark sauce on it.  Delicious 2,500W.  I want to get a Sukbong Hot Dog next time.  

After getting my sandwich (...toast?), I did a full circuit back to The Coffee Pot, one of four little coffee places near my apartment.  I ordered an Iced Cafe Mocha and the barista there was very nice.  Between his broken English and my broken Korean, I got my drink and it was delicious.  The Coffee Pot is so cozy inside!  It has fancy little tea cups in cubbies on the walls, Korean books and magazines to peruse, various kinds of coffee beans in open pots that you can purchase to grind on your own (smells so good in there!), and a beautiful vintage espresso machine.

I will definitely be going back and trying a new coffee.  Once I learn the hours, I'd like to snuggle up in there once a week with a book...

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