Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Hot Shower... Woo!

Turned on my heating system right when I got home today around 5PM and just had my first hot shower at my apartment after almost two full weeks of just sucking it up and enduring the cold.  The water was actually only hot (and very much piping-hot) for about 5 minutes, but I am so happy.  These things make you realize how lucky you are: there are people all over the world that don't have potable water, let alone cold, running water.  Appreciate.

In other news, I ate chicken nuggets for dinner and then polished off half a box of cereal.  I no longer have any cereal... but that might be a good thing since I also ate half of the last box in one sitting as well.  But I did Blogilates tonight and last night.  Progress!  Working off (not really!) all that cereal!

I also found a ton of materials for lesson planning.  I hope these kids like video games, holidays, science, and personality stuff.

Coffee is also my best friend.  I found some packets in my apartment! YES!

There is a cricket living in my bathroom and he's too cute to get rid of... my new roommate.  I think I'll call him Amanda.  Amanda the Cricket.


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