Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Random Second-Hand Information/Advice Forthcoming

So I've realized through the questions that others have asked, as well as through my own curiosity, that there is a lot of information and advice that a soon-to-be traveler to South Korea may want to know.  I thought about posting all of this information in a single blog post, but I think a page may be a better vessel because I can continually add to it and it's obviously available (i.e., not lost in the catacombs of archived posts).

Keep your eyes peeled for the "Hodge-Podge Page of Second-Hand Information."  The fun thing about this page is that once I'm actually in Korea I'll be able to verify each claim's validity (at least in terms of what's available in my province) and help clarify for future generations.

I also realized that I never posted about buying an airplane ticket.

I did.  A while ago.

Actually, before I received my contract and sent off for my visa I purchased it.  One of the other girls that I met through the EPIK Facebook group that was going to be flying out of the same airport as me alerted me to a great ticket price (on the order of $1241.20 USD, one way, direct flight, including taxes and fees).  I also bought travel insurance on top of this (about another $70 USD) in case my visa didn't come in time, flight cancellation, etc.  Of course, if you read the fine print, I'd have to either die, have a medical emergency, or be kidnapped in order to get my ticket fully refunded.  But basically, if I had to reschedule my flight I would lose a few hundred, but be able to apply the rest of the money to purchasing a different ticket.  That's better than losing all of it!

About two days ago, this same Facebook friend also alerted me that there was an open aisle seat.  Whereas before I would have spent a beautiful 14 hours squished between two people, I now have an aisle seat.  Thank you.

There are now 3.5 days between midnight tonight and when I board the plane to another country.  Stay tuned for a breakdown of what I'm packing and my hilarious attempt to fit it all in two bags, a purse, and a carry-on bag.

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