Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hey Seoul Sister!

It's Sunday night here in Seoul and I made it. After about 14 hours on the plane (13 hours and 14 minutes in flight), I made it safely through immigration, baggage pick-up, customs (honey intact), currency exchange, and finally registration with EPIK.  From there I hopped on the bus with a group of girls and we rode for about two hours away from the Seoul-Incheon Airport to Daejin University where we will be having orientation.  The ride reminded me a lot of the Pennsylvania turnpike minus all the Korean.  I'll add pictures, more details, and some video (potentially) later on but right now I'm very tired (I only slept about 1 hour in 30 minutes increments) and kind of sad and scared.  A whole year, but I think I might feel a little better in the morning (or alternatively far more terrified).

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  1. You're gonna have such an awesome year. Wish I was there experiencing it with you (minus the teaching.....) <3 U!