Friday, August 16, 2013

Checked In! T-Minus 19h 45'

I will be four hours into my flight at this time tomorrow!  I just checked in online with Delta a little bit ago.  I also got the Delta App on my tablet so I can go paperless... but I'm such an over-planner that I have three copies of my boarding pass printed out anyway.  My bags are all ready, my clothes are laid out, and my documents all gathered.  I just have to charge my electronics and gather my final toiletries.  I randomly stuck a tank-top into my winter coat pocket too so now I have another shirt that I'm taking...

I had dinner at Qdoba with my family last night (my favorite fast food restaurant) and dessert at Yogurt City, a build-your-own frozen yogurt sundae place.  Then this morning my mom made a big omelette and I made pancakes (I love breakfast foods!) and we ate together as a family before he left for work.  My dad gave me a 24-hour hug at around noon before he headed off for a half-day's work.  Cute, right?

I tied up some final loose ends here (e.g., signing and getting my POA witnessed, etc.), wrote some of this bloggy-blog, chatted with some neighbors and friends, and cleaned my room a little (lame).

My final day is turning out to be quite a typical summer day for me.  Well... it has a little more fanfare than usual.  Tonight I'll be eating a big roast beef dinner, maybe making s'mores over our backyard fire pit, and spending two hours murdering myself at Tae Kwon Do.  Is it ironic or just kind of appropriate that I spend my last evening in America for a year doing a Korean martial art?

Well, considering that I spent last night reading about market efficiency and learning about computational complexity, I think it's probably just appropriate.  The hallmark of my family is stuff like this.  Here's another example: a random thought and conversation that I had yesterday was that when you drink something on a plane and then go to the bathroom, you never actually add any weight to the plane because it's a closed system.  It was already all there!  So obvious and so lame, but it's just a fun thought.  Conservation of mass strikes again.  :P

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