Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Contract In Hand

I received my contract and NOA yesterday!  I'm not sure whether I'm terrified or excited at this point.  A whole year abroad?  I've only been to Canada!
It was the strangest feeling signing the contract in my room last night and knowing that my plane ticket is already bought and I'm already beginning to wrap things up here for a whole year.  It's sad in a way.  A year without my close friends and family...

I am planning on biking off to the bank, CVS, and The UPS Store in a little bit to get the final pieces for my visa application together.  I will post about what I included/my visa process, though with the ease of blogging that this age of technology provides, there is actually already a wellspring of information about this already out there from other EPIK applicants.  Even so, I will do my due diligence and attempt to synthesize some of the information.  And who knows, maybe I'll have an interesting visa experience to share (but I'm praying not!).

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