Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mascot Still In Progress...

I've been working on a cute little mascot to match the title of my blog.  I drew it out by hand using a picture of a cartoon I found online and a picture of an Iron-Clad Turtle ship which I proceeded to cartoon-ify for my mascot.  Then I started painting it on the computer when I thought, 'Maybe I should wait to see if I actually get a placement with EPIK before I continue spending copious amounts of time on this?'  Since my placement is now, essentially, official, I've started working on my mascot again.

I'm posting because I just uploaded the banner I made which will feature my mascot as soon as he's finished. He's super, super cute!

Sneak peak of me working on the mascot (this is when I decided to stop a few months ago):

Some coloring still to be done, but so close to having him finished!  And I can't wait to have a photo of my own to replace the background on this blog.  Just a few months to go...

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