Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Safe & Sound

Amongst student teaching and my two online TEFL courses (the frankly annoying schedule changes that the TEFL Institute made at the last minute is a story for another time), I finally have a few moments to log an entry.

I received the e-mail a few days ago: my documents are in my lovely EPIK coordinator's hands and I just received the notice that they look great and are all ready to be recommended to an Office of Education. Although there was a slight mix-up with my sworn declaration (I was accidentally sent the old version and had to separately send a new one), things are still progressing normally. Because it is still early in the process, my chances are pretty nice, though I won't find out for another 5-7 weeks if I have a contract offer or not.

In the mean time, TEFL courses, education research, trying to ,earn Korean, and watching the political situation in the Korean Peninsula are going to occupy my time.

I might add a picture later, but my mom brought home a list of all the Costco locations in Korea for me. Haha!

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