Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Meeting Simon & Martina at the First Eat Your Kimchi Pop-Up Store Event

So Eat Your Kimchi is a Korean Pop, Food, and Life/Culture blog/vlog made by a fantastic Canadian couple who came to South Korea around five years ago (as of 2013) to teach with GEPIK.  They began blogging/vlogging to show their families what they were up to and now they're famous around the world for their exploration of life in Korea.  I recommend checking out their website and watching a few videos (be warned: some most probably all of them are weird).

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

House Hunters: The Korean Apartment Edition

Since it's practically Christmas, here's a few shots of what I've been living in.

The Hobbit, Beef Stew, Coffee & the Robin Hood of South Korea

This past weekend, Elizabeth was invited out by a math teacher at one of her schools to meet his family and go for a walk around Gyeongpo.  She came to Gangneung for an English Symposium on Friday (which I was scheduled to attend, but because there were so many people, the supervisor said we didn't have to go), and we met up afterwards for dinner and a movie.  Ooh~ it sounds nice when I say it that way.

It's Daejeon! - The "Little Seoul" of South Korea

A few weeks ago I went to Daejeon.  Daejeon is the fifth largest city in South Korea and is located in the center of the country, so it serves as a crossroads for buses, Korail, etc. Daejeon is the "Silicon Valley" of South Korea and it showed in the neon signs at the massive mall/bus station (one of several) that I arrived at on Friday night, and in the LED computer screens outside at each bus stop showing the approximate location and arrival time of the city buses.  Daejeon even has its own subway system, which I think contributed to Daejeon's nickname, "Little Seoul".

Gangneung Presbyterian Church

Some time ago, after mentioning to Eun Shin that I was Christian, another teacher at the school asked me, through Eun Shin, if I would like to attend church with them.  (I'm not sure if she had planned on inviting me before, though I suspect that is the case, or if Eun Shin mentioned I was Christian to her, or what... it just happened and that's great.)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Seoul Lantern Festival

After wandering around Seoul after my GRE, Jeanie and I grabbed dinner at an Italian place (honey gorgonzola pizza, spicy chicken pasta, and not-sugar-coated garlic bread), acquired some Mint Choco coffees from Ediya (delicious!), and then proceeded to wait in the twisting line for the Seoul Lantern Festival for... 30 minutes?  40 minutes?  As it was the last day, the event was teeming with people so we got to enjoy being sardines (I feel this is typical in Seoul given my subway ride earlier).

A Test, An Admiral Yi Sun Shin, A King Se Jong, and A Palace

I took the GRE in Seoul.  And then I was a tourist.

I woke up at 6:30AM, took the subway to Gangnam and then using a bunch of maps I saved on my phone (thank you PrtScr button), I found my way to the Jangwon Building that housed the hagwon (private academy) where my test was to take place.  Then I went to Angel-In-Us right in front of it and got an orange juice and ham egg ciabatta first before deciding to enter the test building (there may have also been a stop at a GS25 for a Snickers...).